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Aug 15, 2022 . 0 mins read
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A 6-Step Approach to Building Human-Centred AI Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often seen as a highly relevant topic for tech innovation. But how can we design AI solutions that are ethical, unbiased, and solve an actual customer problem? This is what made Ioannis Zempekakis, Head of Global Data Science & AI services at OLX Group, and Serena Westra, a Senior Service Design Consultant at Koos Service Design, join forces. Based on their experiences designing, developing, and managing AI, they have summarised their key insights in this white paper.


The AI-by-Design framework

AI-by-Design is a human-centred approach to innovating with AI and Machine Learning (ML).

By embracing a human-centred approach, organisations can unlock new potential for designing ethical AI solutions with a higher customer-solution fit. In the white paper, we introduce the AI-by-Design framework, that helps teams become more human-centric in their innovation process. We combined the Design Council’s Double Diamond with the data science Crisp-DM tool and added two extra steps of our own to formulate 6 steps.


A little teaser on our approach?


1. Discover

The first step aims at building an understanding of the goal of the project, the customer needs and their problems, as well as business opportunities. It usually involves customer research.

2. Define

In the second step, the team defines the challenge scope; they select a problem to solve, or an opportunity to pursue. This step includes researching the context and AI possibilities.

3. AI-by-Design decision

Here teams are encouraged to ask themselves if this is a problem that can and should be solved with AI? If yes, assess which data is needed, and research if the solution might have unethical consequences. If no and AI is not the right solution, this is also a great outcome. AI is expensive and time-consuming. If other alternatives can solve the problem, then that should be the first approach.


Why should you read the white paper?

  • If you are a designer and want to know more about designing AI-based solutions (but don’t aspire to become an AI specialist yourself)
  • If you are an AI specialist and want to know more about using a customer-centric mindset and starting with the problem instead of the solution
  • If you are a team lead or product owner and want to set up a way of working, that combines design with AI
  • If you are working at an organisation that has deployed a couple of AI systems, and you are ready to scale towards cross-silo collaboration
  • If you are an enthusiast that is interested in finding ethical and human-centred solutions with AI at its core



Do you want to help your team embrace a human-centred approach to AI?

This is your chance to get your organisation to see the value of combining design and data science and start experimenting toward success. If you are excited about this topic as we are at Koos, download the white paper, and enjoy your reading!

Written by
Aug 15, 2022 . 0 mins read
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