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Koos is not your average partner in UX. We not only deliver beautiful visual design, we make digital products that are truly meaningful for your users. We believe that our combination of Service design and UX design delivers maximum customer value. Our Service Design process lays out a solid foundation (are we solving the right problem?) for our UX team to translate into an actual product (are we solving the problem right?).

Koos has a dedicated UX-design team in Amsterdam that is ready to take on your challenges. Here is a brief summary of the steps we follow to deliver a great user experience:

Design sprint

Our one-week Design sprint, based on the Google Design Sprint methodology, is the fastest method to test a digital service and know if further investments are wise. Our Service Designers and UX designers team up with experts from within your organisation to test the product’s riskiest assumptions. By the end of the week you will have a prototype of your digital service which is validated with real users.

UX backlog & strategy

Before you start the actual design process you need to make sure you have your priorities straight. At Koos we help you doing this with use of two unique tools. Our Story-Mapping Session will conclude the Service Design phase into the first draft of your backlog. Second, we’ll use the Product Experience Canvas to capture your desired experience strategy. This makes sure all small decisions made in the UX process are aligned with the higher envisioned experience.

Interaction design

Once the assumptions are validated and the priorities are clear, it is time to design the interaction between the user and the digital product. The goal of interaction design is to create products that enable customers to achieve their objectives in the best way possible. The resulting wireframe will convey how users navigate, go through flows, and interact with your digital product.

Visual design and motion

The last step of the process is to make sure the new design looks fingerlicking good. The digital product will truly come to life with use of excellent visual and motion design resulting in a pixel-perfect digital experience. 

Implementing UX through Scrum

To make sure your UX is brought to life, we keep a close eye on implementation  throughout the project. We are true Scrum believers, closely collaborating with your development team, product owner and scrum master. We tailor-make this proces to fit with the needs of your organisation.

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