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Creating positive impact through behaviour change, helping both people and planet.

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Positive impact.

The wording is clear, but action is very limited. Organisations want to become more responsible and consumers understand they should shift to a more sustainable life-style. The urgency is increasing everyday, but how will we accomplish this?

Service design is our proven method to solve complex problems. At Koos we have dedicated ourselves to use our expertise to solve the most urgent and complex problems of all: Creating a sustainable world. Including people, society and the planet as stakeholders.

Sustainability is not just about the planet, it is about survival.

Making a positive impact is a noble and – luckily – strong driver to make a turn for a more sustainable business. Next to these admirable intentions, sustainability is now a strategy for survival as well. Whether your company is adapting or not, the world is. People are realizing their impact and demand companies to change, regulations are tightening and increasing tech developments are opening doors for new business models. Thinking about your own sustainable future – and including people, society and the planet in that mix – is a matter of survival for organisations.

A White Paper on Service Design for a sustainable transition is coming!

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Sustainable change by doing.

Understanding behaviour

When designing for complex behavioural change we use radical empathy to truly understand current behaviour.

Create rapid impact

We use prototyping and testing as an approach to validate our design solutions. Making complex challenges simple, step by step.

To measure is to know

We will expose the challenges of your service or organisation, allowing us to discuss a realistic perspective on the impact we want to achieve.

Adoption that is durable

We facilitate the process towards a shared vision and purpose for sustainability, by involving the right stakeholders at the right moments.

Designing positive impact – how does it work?

Sustainable change can be achieved from different perspectives; 

  1. Designing sustainable behaviour: Designing a more sustainable product or service, that fully matches the needs of your users. 
  2. Designing circular services: Developing sustainable business models, moving from a product based company to a service oriented company, or developing a sustainable way of offering your products and services.
  3. Designing resilient systems: And last but not least, creating a sustainable ecosystem by involving all stakeholders

1. Designing sustainable behaviour.

Designing for a sustainable future, requires a dynamic view on the motivations and desires of the user. To truly understand these changing needs, we use our method called the tension model.

Once we fully grasp those motivations and drivers, we help you to better respond to those needs. Whether it is about creating new sustainables product service systems, or it is about optimizing your sustainable solution. We make sure that we design solutions that match your user’s needs and their behavior.


As we dit at Sogrape

2. Designing circular services.

There is not 1 defined approach on how to make your business more sustainable. Your challenge might be how to transform a product focused organisation into a service oriented organisation. But the challenge can also be to create more sustainable systems and processes for your service delivery.

Together we define new business opportunities and business models that help your organisation to create that positive impact we need.

3. Designing resilient systems.

For a sustainable society to take shape, large systems need to be reconfigured. This is a cumbersome and time consuming process which often leads to insurmountable resistance. In the absence of expert navigation, this ship often sinks before it had a chance to sail.

We give all stakeholders in this innovation process a seat at the table. hearing their needs and motivations to be able to – together – design a new solution for the problems at hand. Service Design helps by empathising with all parties involved and, based on that, creating a common understanding of the problem and how to solve it on a systemic level. First taking it out of its current context, and then bringing it back into the original day to day activities.

Where we created Sustainable impact.

Design Sprinting for sustainability in wine.

Sogrape Vinhos Portugal

A European player entering the wetsuit market


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Lets start to create positive impact together.

75% of the Dutch consumers think that companies should have a positive contribution to society, the environment and the wellbeing of people. Only 29% of consumers believe that organisations are actually doing this. Lets’s change this together.


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Our Sustainable Design Experts.

Joost van Leeuwen

Joost has a mission – to prove design thinking can make a significant contribution to societal change and develop it at Koos. As so, he focuses on sustainability, developing methodologies, experimenting, and changing systems from the inside out. Joost has a lot of other creative outlets, from playing guitar to drawing!

Emma Schalkers

Emma has a special fondness for healthcare and sustainability projects. With an empathetic heart and strategic mindset, she uses her skills to make the world better. In this quest, she created the Positive Impact Framework and started taking philosophy classes. Do you want to exchange views on changing the world? Emma is your girl!

Oda Landsman

Oda likes to be the expert in the design process but enables clients to be experts in their field. She does it by surprising them with the power design holds while she dives into the different contexts (new clients or industries). As a sucker for sports, Oda collects them – hockey, sailing, Koos HIT training, […]

Michaël Vijfvinkel

Michaël loves a challenge – this becomes evident from his cooking adventures as well as his projects. He lives by his favorite expression “simplicity is a puzzle of complexity”, by finding the common thread and bringing structure. Moreover, he’s the real Captain Planet at Koos, ensuring we keep an eye on our social and ecological […]