Morphological psychology

95 percent of all decisions are made subconsciously. Morphological psychology is about finding the structure behind people’s decision-making and using that to get to know your customer. In-depth, contextual interviews allow us to uncover what is at work deep down in your customers' minds. Based on the insights of these interviews, a motivational structure can be created for any topic (think food, books, sustainability, personal finance, work, mobility, et cetera). The overview helps you understand your customer, the context and can help you choose focus.

When the structure is made visual, it can be used to create customer profiles. Need-based personas give a much deeper understanding of your customer's behaviour than traditional demographic personas. They offer a complete image of the different underlying drivers, needs and motivations.

The need-based profiles of our citizens on welfare offer us many valuable insights.

— Melanie de Greef City of The Hague
Want to discover what morphological tensions your target group experiences?

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