Service Design toolkit

An in-house toolkit - often combined with in-house training - provides your employees strategic and practical guidance to innovate the services of your organisation. Using our service design tools and techniques as the foundation, we co-create a tailored toolkit that suits your organisation perfectly. Whether you want to focus on mindshift change, need step-by-step guidance or templates for workshops, together we can develop a toolkit that will help you to use service design in your day to day business. We have developed in-house toolkits for clients such as Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Aegon, NOS - Portugal and Liander.

When Koos leaves, their toolkit lives on.

— Hugo Enes Customer Care Performance and Development Director, NOS
Fancy an in-house toolkit tailored to your organisation?

Interaction design

Morphological psychology

Service blueprint


Customer journey mapping

User testing

UX design

Brand strategy

Value proposition

Touchpoint strategy