CX Transformation

CX Performance Plan

Benchmark your organisation and set your growth strategy.

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Engineering your CX performance.

Koos helps organizations like yours develop their CX capabilities and become more customer centric.

We work using a unique and proven framework helping you build your optimal mix of key CX elements;

  • Start with a purpose that engages and excites
  • Operate with multidisciplinary teams and customer-centric processes
  • Define a guiding CX strategy and measure progress with the right metrics
  • Empower your team with the right skills and tools
  • Ensure a encouraging culture with facilitating leadership on all levels

CX performance assessment.

We have developed a sound maturity assessment which we’ll use to assess and benchmark your current CX performance.

We start your CX transformation by engineering your ideal CX performance formula, based on our proven framework and CX elements.

“Overlooking one of the key elements is a common mistake that often backfires at the end of a new initiative”

Jules Prick

Koos Service Design

Think big, start small.

Transformation does not happen within a few months as we are talking changing our behaviour and they way we work together. Our framework is perfect for developing absolute plans, while understanding what needs to be build and implemented on a short term level.

We will always start small and iterate (like designers do) by involving key stakeholders and letting the organisation experience the value of CX. One step at a time we will define and refine your plan for the next 3 months.

We will slowly build your CX performance as practical, feasible and effective as possible – for you and your team.