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Every day, more large organizations are starting to move the mountain that is customer experience. However, as the impact of your customer experience team increases, new challenges arise.

  • Journeys scatter across the teams in the organization.
  • There’s overlap in journeys, and mandate between teams is unclear. 
  • Unclear CX-metrics make it hard to measure impact.

Effective customer experience management helps your organisation to tackle these challenges. Our 4-step approach enables you to direct your collective effort on what truly matters.

1. Create an overview

The first step of getting a grip on your Customer Experience is creating a structured overview of everything that’s happening between you and your user. For this, we use our Customer Journey Ecosystem. Be careful, we’ve seen this visualized overview actually blow minds.


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2. Unify digital collaboration

We know, paper journeys are great. They allow you to empathize, collaborate, and discuss. They’re fantastic in workshops and presentations. But they’re not scalable. Things get lost. That’s why Koos collaborates with a curated selection of Customer Journey Mapping software providers. Working in a structured digital environment creates a single source of truth and prevents double work.


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3. Measure real-time KPI’s

The final frontier. The cutting edge of customer experience management, where data science and customer experience management merge. Our designers collaborate with analysts and custom software developers to deliver you real-time insight into your CX performance. Whether we need to plug into your existing data or build something brand new. Now you know which journeys you have, who’s working on what, and how they perform. What more do you need?


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4. Make it sticky

On paper, CX management can enable a way of working that is truly customer-centric, data-driven, and accessible to everyone in the organization. In practice, simply creating a dashboard won’t automatically unlock that potential. CX management dashboards won’t magically start using themselves. To embed them within organizations you need to carefully consider the customer perspective, how to make it actionable, and how to guide your teams towards a more CX-mature way of working. These are the types of challenges we face daily as customer experience experts, making us ideally positioned to help out


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Interested to read more about customer experience management? Check out one of our blogs for more details about our approach to customer experience management and which digital CXM platforms we recommend.


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