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From user insights to products people love to use.

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Bring your service to life.

Stand out in a crowd with an interface that is designed to be  both functional and attractive. Add value to your customers’ lives by making it easier, giving inspiration or bringing them a unique experience. With a design that matches your brand identity you’ll attract new users/customers and generate loyalty. Whether you work with an app, a website or an e-commerce platform, we will make sure your interface flows and the motion design sets the focus to where it is needed. It is time to bring your service to life. 

A selection of our UX projects.

Redesigning the digital patient experience to create a seamless medical appointment journey


Tailoring student life to your pocket.

The Student Hotel

A 5 star lottery experience.

UX design Dutch lottery mobile apps

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What we offer.

Design Sprint

Answer critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing.

Touchpoint Strategy

Translate your service into a concrete and coherent Touchpoint Strategy.

Interaction Design

Create meaningful interactions that fulfil your customers’ needs.

Visual Design

Make your product look and feel amazing through proven design principles.

UX Research

Involve users throughout the process of designing the user experience.

Something else in mind?

We do so much more and tailor our toolkit to the needs of every project. Who likes standard anyway?


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Create digital products that are beautifully designed and feel intuitive.

Power up with the combination between Service Design and UX Design. Use the strong foundation of Service Design to ensure all UX designs are based on in-depth user needs. To ensure a deep understanding of the user, we use the design sprint as a phase where both our service designers and our UX designers work together.

We have seen the magic happen, resulting in a digital products with meaning.

This is how the magic happens!

Team up and go!

Jaw-dropping UX Design requires various skills. Luckily we have interaction-, visual- and motion designers in our team. We use several UX Research methods to optimise conversion and to make the service flow. It is all about designing that excellent experience.

Agility brings results.

We firmly believe in the Agile way of working. It supports creating momentum and shows results. To make this work we use a backlog of all design requests, choices and errors. This provides overview and clarity for the entire team.

Frequent user input creates desired output.

At relevant moments it is of vital importance to check with the actual user what he or she is experiencing. Only then we can be sure we are designing the right thing. We are an expert in defining these relevant moments and conducting UX Research.

Meet our UX Design experts.

Emilie van Spronsen

With her skills in Interaction Design Emilie brings movement to a design. She has developed our Touchpoint Strategy Tool to connect customer insights to specific design choices.

Saskia Mosterman

Saskia loves to discover user needs and translate them into valuable experiences. With a keen eye for detail, she creates seamless flows and pretty designs that work.

Justin Burford

He is really passionate about designing meaningful interactions based on strategy and real needs. From design sprints to pixels-perfect designs, Justin is your guy.

Eddo Siep

Eddo enjoys the rewarding feeling of seeing how his design systems work, and people love it. He uses his passion for all kinds of design, especially branding, as inspiration for his creations. In his free time, Eddo dedicates himself to guitar playing and tweaking the knobs on effect pedals.