Inspiring Dutch youth to take the train.

1 week

The NS is there for everyone, no matter what age. But in reality, the NS saw that there is a unique offer for every age category, except for youth from 12 until 18 years old. This group is too old for the children’s ticket, Railrunners, and too young for a student card, and they rarely use the train in their free time. It was the challenge for Koos and NS to create a proposition that appeals to the youth!


By using in-depth interviews with the youth, we got an insight into their needs concerning train travel and mobility. Using our Value Proposition Canvas, we mapped out the needs of our target group. This way we could generate ideas that were relevant to the needs and desires of the youth.

With a Design Sprint, we learned a lot in one week and generated and validated many ideas. In our user test, innovative ideas were set aside by the youth (we had to kill our darlings). Clear concepts that saved them money without any fuss, that is what brought smiles to their faces. The NS core team and stakeholders watched the user test to learn about what the youth wants, and why they want it, together.

We get to travel as much as we want in one day. That is really nice of NS.

— Bas, 15

The clear favourite turned out to be the NS Youth Person’s Day Ticket: one day of unlimited train travel for €7.50. The new ticket is now being sold through the NS app. With a bar code in the app, the gates at the station can be opened.

The ticket not only makes it possible for the youth to afford train travel; they also feel seen and appreciated by the NS. “There are discounts everywhere for students, but we also don’t have a lot to spend!” The fixed price gives them a feeling of freedom: travel as much as you can in one day!


The Young Person’s Day Ticket has been tested quantitatively by NS. On 1 September 2020 the new ticket was launched and young people could buy the first tickets (click here for the Dutch press release). The goal to be there for every age category has been realized. If we have inspired more youth to take the train is something we will find out in the coming months. We have faith in this ticket!

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