Transforming a Portuguese Telco

NOS is a Portuguese telecom provider that was created through the merger of ZON and Optimus. From the very outset, NOS aimed to develop high customer loyalty and NPS. Together we set out the strategy that would transform them into a new customer-oriented, design-led organisation.

Koos drives creativity and innovation with a structured and solid approach. They are very adaptive and flexible when facing constraints and adjusting the methodology accordingly.

— João Marques Head of Digital Channels at NOS


Working in close collaboration with NOS, Koos developed a strong customer-focused approach for all future service and IT related projects within the company. A series of nine train-the-trainer projects have since been executed to develop IT requirements based on the desired customer experience. To implement this new way of working, NOS employees were trained in the new customer-focused approach as created by Koos.


After three years of collaboration, training over 300 employees in customer centricity, making many Portuguese friends and developing a full experience framework and IT roadmap, NOS is ready for a customer and design-led future.

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