A brand new app for Eurojackpot.

For the Nederlandse Loterij (Dutch Lottery), we created a brand new mobile lottery experience. For a deep understanding of the customer, we immersed ourselves in the motivations and needs of Eurojackpot players. By conducting interviews, visualising customer journeys, and performing user tests, we discovered what the target audience really thought was important. The goal: the app as a worthy part of the lottery experience.

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Digitally chasing the lottery dream.

The lottery world is also ready for digital transformation. Traditionally people buy lottery tickets in the store, now it’s also easy to play online: choose your lucky numbers, pay digitally, and check whether you have won any prizes after the draw.

All your lottery tickets in one place.

All your lottery tickets are collected in one place: whether you have a subscription, buy your lottery tickets in the store or in the app. This way you can easily check all your tickets to see if you have won any prizes.

To innovate, we conducted thorough research with customers to understand their underlying needs and motivations. This has formed the basis for the new app experience

— Katja van Luipen Nederlandse Loterij

The lottery ticket as symbol for the Jackpot.

A conclusion from user research was that players value a physical ticket. The ticket with your lucky numbers on it in fact symbolises  the Jackpot. That’s why we made the lottery tickets big and sparkling, to resemble a physical ticket. This is your ticket to wealth!

A key feature for the retail player.

The app also has value for the player who buys his lottery tickets in the store. With the built-in lottery scan function you can check with one click whether you have won a prize. Convenient!

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The tools

Inclusieve digitale diensten voor de Gemeente Amsterdam

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Een Design Sprint over wijn én duurzaamheid.

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Vanuit empathie wanbetalers helpen orde op zaken te stellen.

Een landelijk herontwerp voor vergunningsaanvragen.

Het studentenleven zo in je broekzak.

Stress in apotheken, groot in het nieuws.

Oudere Marokkanen in Amsterdam helpen hun gezondheidsproblemen te begrijpen.

Het transformeren van een Portugese telecomprovider.