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Learn & Lunch: [free] Design thinking training

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Free for now!

Get out of your bubble and learn remotely during these strange times. While working from home, let's keep our spirits up and work on our design knowledge and skills! Koos organizes these lunch sessions to bring marketing, CX, UX, and other design enthusiasts together. Stay connected and learn cool new design tools and methods. The weekly lunch sessions are interactive which means a combination of listening, doing and reflecting to eventually get some eye-openers or new insights related to service design and UX. Design thinking training has never been so easy.

Free online design thinking training

Every week, at set days from 12:00 to 13:00 (Amsterdam time) we organize a learning lunch. Topics all lay within the design field and can range from service design to UX design, business design and design thinking training.

Koos has trained over 2000 people in Service Design and our Service Design Academy has an NPS score of 61,5%, with facilitators rated a 4.64/5. Our design thinking training is packed with energy, useful tools and handy templates.

The topics (more will follow)

Digital employee experience 

How to build an employee experience which strengthens company culture and defines customer experience. Especially now, in our new, remote world.

7/5 by Oda

Customer journey mapping essentials

Customer journey maps are the ideal tool to look at your offering through the eyes of your customers. What are the basic building blocks you need to get right?

8/5 by Emma

10 ways to innovate your journey

So you did your research and mapped your journey. But what’s next? In this Learn & Lunch, we discuss ten simple yet effective strategies to improve your customer experience.

12/5 by Kiki

Fun ways to interact with your colleagues remotely

As working remotely is becoming a new standard it is important to effectively interact with your peers. Not only traditional ones but also fun informal ways will be addressed.

14/5 by Suze

Design for public entities/governments

Design projects for public entities ask for a different approach. What does a “good service experience” mean in this case, and how to measure success?

15/5 by Serena

The human factor of tech

Nowadays we can’t imagine a life without technology, it’s everywhere and evolving rapidly. How to find the right balance to ensure we use technology in a meaningful way? We will share our vision on how we think to effectively make use of technology.

18/5 by Kasper

How to host remote workshops

Facilitating remote workshops is new for a lot of us. It comes with new etiquettes and we have to create new routines in facilitating workshops remotely. We will share our findings we’ve had over the past years with international projects.

19/5 by Emma

Recalibrate your strategy

There are always excuses to evaluate your internal strategies to align with new realities. How can you ensure that your team is ready to adapt to the new reality? How can you build an organisation that is able to respond quickly to changes? What are new work ethics and methods you will embrace?

20/5 by Kasper

Why Need Based profiles are so powerful

We all love to create groups, segmentations and personas. Unfortunately, we see a lot of demographic-based models around that are not built around customer needs and behaviour. We will show you the value of a need based persona.

25/5 by Jules

Measure and manage your customer journeys digitally

Making a single customer journey poster might be a piece of cake, but what if you want to manage all your journeys from one place? We explain how you can map your journey ecosystem, bring it to life with real-time data, and use this overview to coordinate projects based on their impact on user experience.

26/5 by Kaspar

How to help people escape the debt trap

We all are getting used to subscription models and more monthly payments. But how can you deal with people in debt and give them solutions to keep up with their monthly bills? We will share some of our experiences.

28/5 by Boris

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