Learn & Lunch

Why Need Based profiles are so powerful

3 Dec 2020
Online, Zoom
Beginner - Intermediate

Why are need-based profiles so powerful?

We all love to create groups, segmentations and personas. Unfortunately, we see a lot of demographic-based models around that are not built around customer needs and behaviour. We will show you the value of a need-based persona.

Why we Learn & Lunch?

Get out of your bubble and learn remotely during these strange times. While working from home, let’s keep our spirits up and work on our design knowledge and skills! Koos organizes these lunch sessions to bring marketing, CX, UX, and other design enthusiasts together. Stay connected and learn cool new design tools and methods. The weekly lunch sessions are interactive which means a combination of listening, doing and reflecting to eventually get some eye-openers or new insights related to service design and UX. Design thinking training has never been so easy.

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