Milkymap and Koos Service Design join forces to boost CX transformation for large organisations.

Joris Hens

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Nov 27, 2021

At Koos, we help organisations to put their users in the heart of their way of working. Our aim is to help like-minded individuals and teams to embed the skills and capabilities needed to deliver better services by design.

We experience a growing number of organisations looking for ways to improve the way they manage and measure their CX. Previously, we wrote why we are fans of CX management and which platforms perform best to manage your CX, but now it is time for action!

Sometimes, the world gets a bit better when two things are combined, like flip-flops and bottle openers. That is why Koos is starting to partner up with organisations that provide CX management platforms. We are proud to announce that Milkymap is our first official partner, so allow us to tell a little about our new partner and this collaboration!

Who is Milkymap?

Milkymap is a Dutch provider of Journey Mapping software. Their background in customer journey mapping and service design thinking enables them to build a trustworthy CX management tool, the Milkymap Galaxy platform. This platform can be used to digitize and organize journeys, create and track KPI’s and combine qualitative and quantitative data in one place. Long story short: smoother collaboration in your organisation to improve CX productivity.

Danny Peters, co-founder / CEO at Milkymap

What can you expect from this collaboration?

Combining our tools, skills and methods allows us to help organisations improve their CX management. It’s really simple, if you think about it. Milkymap provides all the service and knowledge needed to connect their platform to your way of working. They help you build a Customer Lifecycle Model as the foundation for your CX efforts. Then, by connecting external data sources, you can measure CX performance in real-time.

Robbert-Jan van Oeveren, partner at Koos Service Design

But CX management tools won’t magically start using themselves. To successfully embed something like this within your organization, you need to carefully consider the perspective of the internal user. How can you make sure that your dashboard is actionable? How can you guide your teams and colleagues in this new way of working? How do you make sure the journeys are based on actual insights? With our four-step approach, we will guide you through this process and enable you to direct your collective effort towards what truly matters.

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