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2-day UX design masterclass

Experience in UX design + interested in Service design

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Learn how to make design choices based on actual user needs. Our UX design course is tailor made for UX designers who are eager to combine Service Design and UX design in their daily lives. From in-depth user needs to lovable digital touchpoints, you’ll learn the advantages, the pitfalls and the tools that’ll make you start right away.

2-day UX design masterclass

During the 2-day program we’ll go from abstract to concrete, learning how to translate the value of the Service Design process into a tangible user experience. Our courses follow a theory, practice, reflect loop that enables you to instantly turn your newly learned knowledge into practiced skills.

Where UX Design meets Service Design

Throughout the two days we’ll cover topics from explorative user research to envisioning your touchpoint strategy. How to base your design on assumptions and our very own golden rules for UX. Replacing designerly assumptions (“I’ve found the solution”) for a humble empathising mindset. (“Let me understand what could work best for you”).

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