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Remote Service Design Masterclass

Introductory - intermediate

Reduced fee for freelancers (3max)

Learn by doing. We have created a hands-on masterclass, aimed at professionals from different sectors. We use a mix of practical experience, tools and methods to help you design the ultimate customer experience. Our methodology is set up in such a way that you’ll be able to directly implement your learnings.

We have created this Service Design masterclass in such a way that relative newcomers to the field can fully understand it, but it is smart and rich enough to keep intermediate trainees on their toes as well.

Due to the Corona-wave we created a creative remote training. It will be held during 4 morning sessions to keep the attention span healthy. Are you joining us?

— Team Koos Always iterating

Our Service Design Masterclass helps challengers in large organizations to make a difference. Over four hundred IT-, Marketing- and Customer Experience professionals have already successfully finished their two-day training as certified Customer Champions.

Value of Service Design

Introduction into the value of Service Design for business including inspiring cases and best practices.

Design Research

Get to know the latest design research tools and go out into the field to conduct a service safari and interview real people.

Customer Journey Mapping

Construct a visual customer journey using hands-on templates and map areas for innovation.

Experience Design

Develop a distinguished experience using 10 innovation strategies and create value using unique experience drivers.

Visual Thinking

Master the art of visual communication and become a ‘Black Pen’. Use less time to explain yourself and create more convincing ideas.


Prototype and test your best idea to find out if your solution is really solving your user’s need.

Ready to learn?

The two days were a magnificent experience that will help me and my organization to analyse problems in a new perspective and build and test solutions that create more value for our clients and our business.

— Raquel Vigidal Business Process Director at NOS