Surf through service design masterclass

Basic - advanced

€ 1799 (ex VAT)

Align and recharge your body and mind as you follow intensive service design training. This masterclass is aimed at professionals that understand the basics, but want more. And more is exactly what’s on offer; with three action-packed days of service design training, plus a daily surfing class and mental training through the healing power of yoga. Namaste.

In a world that is moving faster than ever, the pressure to perform is probably felt by everyone. And in order to stay competitive, it is key to constantly develop and become a better version of oneself. That is why we started to teach professionals in our Service Design masterclasses.

In order to innovate training itself, we have created the ‘Surf through Service Design’ course. This will be a high-intensity training, in the style of the 21st century. We will not put you in a classroom for 8 hours a day. One’s brain is only capable of absorbing a limited amount of information, especially if you really want it to stick. We limit our training to 2 blocks of 3 hours a day, which has proven very effective. Mental and physical activities help you focus and process the information, maximising the effectiveness of the training even further. This is is a deliberate setup and it will be nothing like a vacation.

So, work on your professional future with intensive Service Design training, a good work-out to help process information and yoga for internal focus. And yes we know this will not only make our training more effective, it will also make it more fun. Why shouldn’t these two go hand-in-hand?

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What a regular day will look like*

  • 07:00 Yoga
  • 08:15 Brilliant Breakfast
  • 09:30 Service design training
  • 12:30 Lovely Lunch
  • 13:30 Service design training
  • 16:30 Surf or other beach activity
  • 19:00 Delicious Dinner

*Warning: These days will be anything but regular.

Curious to know more?

The following is included in the price, which means basically everything, except the transport to get there. A return flight from most places in Europe to Lisbon costs between €100-250.

  • 3 days of top-notch intensive service design training
  • All additional activities like yoga and surfing
  • Daily healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Accommodation for 4 nights (Wed – Sat)
  • A small group of maximum 12 participants

Optional at an additional cost:

  • Private room

This training gets us really excited, as it combines a lot of things we value in life: growing as a person, developing skills, meeting like-minded people, a good physique and the right mental balance.

— Kaspar, Serena & Robbert-Jan Organising team at Koos

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