A world made better by design.

Koos uses design to improve peoples lives and transform the way teams work

What we do and how

We believe design can change the world. And to prove it, we are using design to help organizations and institutions around the world to make positive change. We’ve helped redesign financial systems to care for people in debt and medical centers to become more patient-friendly.

We aim for services that help people and planet. Because we want to be the first global design agency 100% committed to positive change.


How we define positive impact.

Who we are

We believe design can change the world, so we’ve curated a multidisciplinary team to match our ambitions: service designers and UX’ers, yes, but also data scientists, organizational designers, process facilitators, and more. With headquarters in Amsterdam, Lisboa and roots in the renowned Delft University of Technology, we enjoy our tools and methods almost as much as having fun along the way.

Who we work with

We work with organizations in any industry or field, but we prefer to collaborate with clients who share our vision for a world made better by design. From the circular economy, to financial inclusion, to accessible mobility, we’re enthusiastic about projects that improve not just the lives of customers, but also society and the planet.

Eloi Guterres
Jules Prick Partner

Jules is partner at Koos and has more than 13 years experience in user-centred innovation and customer experience design. Within five minutes he’s able to skillfully set up a suitable project approach for your challenge and also to repair your leaking showerhead. Call it magic!

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Catarina Silva
Because no one is as smart as everyone.
Artur Poluektov

Artur loves to hear stories from different perspectives before rolling up his sleeves to improve customer experiences. Truly passionate about learning he can combine knowledge from economics, psychology and design to approach the most complex problems.

Paula Peereboom

As office manager Paula takes care of her Koosjes. She runs the house so that the others can focus on their creative output. She teaches us so many thing every day, which includes cleaning up our junk. Besides this, Paula works out almost every day! “I almost worked out on Monday, almost on Tuesday…”

Robbert-Jan van Oeveren Partner

Robbert-Jan is partner at Koos and loves strategy and all kinds of complex systems. That also includes the turbocharger of his refurbished Toyota Landcruiser. Like in an episode of Dragon’s Den, he likes to fire at innovative business models and identify opportunities in the market. So you better start pitching!

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Mariana Ribeiro

Channel your inner Koos

Angelo Verbeek
Cátia Pereira
Eddo Siep

Eddo tackles complex products and turns them into simple digital solutions that people love to use. From user needs to prototype, slick designs & motion to a 5-star rating.

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Nynke Schrakamp

Nynke has already implemented service design thinking for several companies, and she is on a mission! She is also crazy about cars and anything related, except for their air pollution.

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Hidde Burgmans

As a seasoned product owner, Hidde knows better than anyone what is needed to create an ultimate experience. Hidde is your friend for concretising all your digital products, including inappropriate hashtags #blessed #struggleisreal #squadgoals

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Mirjam Lamark
Emilie van Spronsen Interaction designer

With her background in Interaction Design at TU Delft, unlimited curiosity and passion for graphic design, Emilie is our prodigy for great digital services. Her graphic talent hasn’t gone unnoticed; she presented her work at the Dutch Design Week and was recently asked to design her own postal stamp.

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Kaspar Kazil

Kaspar believes there is always a ‘big idea’ hidden in the challenges he is working on, and he is not satisfied until he finds it. As a talented pianist and producer DJ with a developed musical taste, it is not always easy for him to sit in one room with our Guilty Pleasure Boy Band Boris, Pim and Jeroen.

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Channel your inner Koos

Serena Westra

Serena does not shy away from complex projects and loves to keep on learning about innovation and customer-centricity. Looking for a public speaker? Get in touch with Serena.

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Boris Jockin

With his sharp view and quick thinking, Boris extracts new insights from complex problems within seconds. As a part-time DJ, he is also the king of musical tastelessness.

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Joost van Leeuwen
Nathalie Meuleman

Nathalie masters countless Service Design tools and knows how to navigate complex challenges. She will put your customer first, even when it gets hard. You’ll thank her for it later.

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Kasper van der Knaap

With his open mind and warm approach, Kasper is constantly looking for new ways to connect people and cultures, helped by his creative design methods and way of working.

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Noortje Hartman Senior

Noortje gets thrilled with enthusiasm from thinking about strategy and branding. With her down-to-earth attitude, she always manages to keep the overview in times of creative chaos, unless it’s the chaos in her wardrobe because that is way too small for her gigantic sneakercollection.

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Justin Burford


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Marieke Maas

Marieke is an expert in the field of service design and CX management. She will help your organization establish a growth path and convince all stakeholders with her infectious smile.

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Lizza Kempe

She is a girl with a green heart. Certain that with design we can create a more sustainable world for next generations, she uses her passion and creative mindset to change the world step by step.

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Saskia Mosterman Email Saskia Mosterman
Erik van Zoelen

With a background in Service Design, this UX hero creates empathy with the user like no one else. Creating great interactions and always complementing it with fantastic designs.

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Lisa te Velde
Katie Hoek
Astrid ten Bosch
Chris Lueb UX Designer

Diversity is where everyone is coming to the party, inclusion is where everyone is invited to dance. Chris loves to put her heart into experiences for everyone, not just some.

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Joris Hens
Emma Schalkers

How do you create sustainable and positive impact? Our Emma has the answer for that. With her enthusiasm she will make sure that every project will have a measured positive impact.

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Oda Landsman

With her infectious smile she will bring positivity to the world. Using her knowledge and creativity to create sustainable business models that will change the future.

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Jette Stuyt


Michaël Vijfvinkel

As the real Captain Planet of Koos, Michaël is passionate about making the world CO2 neutral again. With his thrive for change he will not back out of this complex challenge.

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Ruben Aalbers
Stijn Nering Bögel
Matilde Cantinho
Rosanne Heijligers
Nadia Roeleveld
Laura Schrauwen
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