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The team

Victoria Romijn
Ece Ozenir
Olya Vashchyshak
Lies Benjamens
Floortje Meijer
Iryna Dolid
Merlijn Sluiter Service Designer

Merlijn aims to understand how the planet works to identify which strings to pull to solve every problem and create utopia. She wants to impact as far as her power reaches by diving into different subjects, talking to interesting people and co-creating solutions to complex problems. Fun fact? Merlijn enjoys theatre without knowing the performance, to be surprised.

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Luis Caturna Business Developer

Luis is passionate about human diversity and cultures. He’s all about positive energy and waking up with a heightened reason to learn, share and enjoy. Luis loves team sports, especially basketball, which represents team spirit, the importance of your fellow mate, cooperation, multiculturalism and fair-play.

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Dylan Wienke Service Designer

Dylan is using his psychology background and customer experience to support organisations in developing services in the best possible way! Besides that, he also likes to travel and play football. The best way for him to start the day is a cold shower and a cup of coffee.

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Marianna Dente Service Designer

Marianna is passionate about designing better services. One of the reasons why she joined Koos was her willing to improve people’s life with the help of services which make a positive impact on the planet. Moreover, she is a very talented beginner yoga teacher who is into travelling and meeting new inspiring people.

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Vasco Alves Service Designer

Vasco is enthusiastic about combining business and engineering with service design to see how real needs turn into actual outcomes and processes. Although analytical, he enjoys the value that openness and creativity bring. Former ballet dancer and a sports fan, you can find him listening to the most random music, from classical to techno.

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Inês Ramalhão Service Designer

Inês believes design is the tool that drives change, by bringing people together. She is enthusiastic about designing for people, with people to impact lives in meaningful ways.

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