A world made better by design.

Koos uses design to improve peoples lives and transform the way teams work

What we do and how

We believe design can change the world. And to prove it, we are using design to help organizations and institutions around the world to make positive change. We’ve helped redesign financial systems to care for people in debt and medical centers to become more patient-friendly.

We aim for services that help people and planet. Because we want to be the first global design agency 100% committed to positive change.


How we define positive impact.

Who we are

We believe design can change the world, so we’ve curated a multidisciplinary team to match our ambitions: service designers and UX’ers, yes, but also data scientists, organizational designers, process facilitators, and more. With headquarters in Amsterdam, Lisboa and roots in the renowned Delft University of Technology, we enjoy our tools and methods almost as much as having fun along the way.

Who we work with

We work with organizations in any industry or field, but we prefer to collaborate with clients who share our vision for a world made better by design. From the circular economy, to financial inclusion, to accessible mobility, we’re enthusiastic about projects that improve not just the lives of customers, but also society and the planet.

Jules Prick Partner

Jules is an expert in user-centered innovation and customer experience design. Within five minutes he is able to skillfully set up a suitable project approach for your challenge and also repair your leaking showerhead. Call it magic!

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Catarina Silva Service Designer

Catarina feels fulfilled when she’s creating something impactful with inspiring and fun people. Her perfect match is being herself and bringing her creative and energetic side while contributing to better people’s life experiences. Catarina has some fun hobbies too – pole dancing and tattooing!

Artur Poluektov Managing Director Portugal

Artur loves to hear stories from different perspectives before rolling up his sleeves to improve customer experiences. Truly passionate about learning he can combine knowledge from economics, psychology, and design to approach the most complex problems. Whenever you see him, he’ll have his camera ready to shoot!

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Because no one is as smart as everyone.
Marieke Maas Business Development

Marieke believes a positive attitude and good intentions could save the world! So she applies them when untangling the complexity of human behaviour (mainly on a strategic level and seemingly conflicting interests) and solving it through design. Jolly and happy is her best description!

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Robbert-Jan van Oeveren Partner

RJ always dreamed of running his own company and seeing it flourish. And now he’s living it! He enjoys making Koos the funniest place to work and solve exciting challenges while driving positive impact. Happy Koosjes, happy clients! Adventurous by heart, RJ loves to safari.

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Mariana Ribeiro Service Designer

Mariana is excited about solving big problems and making sense of complexity while making the world a better place. The power of emphasising and defining the challenges ahead gives her the most satisfaction! For Mariana, there’s nothing like being a mother of 30+ plants and photographing beautiful places.

Angelo Verbeek User Experience Designer

Angelo is fascinated by any form of expression, especially when it comes to art! As a designer, he takes it as inspiration while emphasising with people and their needs, to create meaningful experiences that will enrich their lives.

Channel your inner Koos

Matilde Cantinho Copywriter & Publisher

Matilde wants to make sure she contributes to the world’s healing, so having the chance to share the transformational power design holds is very fulfilling. Writing is like therapy for her. She can be as creative as possible and make anything sound exciting. A newbie in Amsterdam, Matilde is always looking for a new adventure!

Eloi Guterres Strategy & Innovation Expert

Eloi’s happy place is bridging the gap between Technology and Humans. He sees Service Design as a beautiful tool for humans to form organisations, design their futures, and feel fulfilled. When not helping enterprises embrace change, he enjoys wine tastings or meeting new cultures.

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Cátia Pereira Service Designer

Catia is a hands-on designer. Getting to know people and their realities, to be able to materialise ideas and bring innovation to life is her passion! No wonder she finds the first and last part of the double-diamond the most interesting. Catia loves adventure – she climbed the highest point of Portugal.

Eddo Siep User Experience Designer

Eddo enjoys the rewarding feeling of seeing how his design systems work, and people love it. He uses his passion for all kinds of design, especially branding, as inspiration for his creations. In his free time, Eddo dedicates himself to guitar playing and tweaking the knobs on effect pedals.

Nynke Schrakamp Partner

Nynke gets engaged with development and growth. She likes to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone gets the best out of themselves! Nynke does a challenge a year to get outside of her comfort zone – from helping toads cross the road to joining a Christmas choir.

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Hidde Burgmans Partner

Hidde knows what is needed to create an ultimate experience. With a lot of experience in the field of digital and strategic design, he’s on a quest to find out how best to combine the beautiful fields of service and UX design to create products people love to use.

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Mirjam Lamark HR Strategist

Mirjam finds helping people be more aware of their feelings in all sorts of dynamics (1 on 1, in teams, with colleagues, clients, etc.) and how to address those feelings genuinely satisfying. Co-creating and co-executing preventive strategies for an engaged and productive staff are fundamental to her HR work.

Joost van Leeuwen Service Designer

Joost has a mission – to prove design thinking can make a significant contribution to societal change and develop it at Koos. As so, he focuses on sustainability, developing methodologies, experimenting, and changing systems from the inside out. Joost has a lot of other creative outlets, from playing guitar to drawing!

Channel your inner Koos

Frances den Ouden Service Designer

Frances creates the space to question the ordinary, understand differences between people and translate them to produce positive impact. As an anthropologist, she loves to dive into the organisational culture of clients to understand the way they behave. Unlike most Koosjes, Frances doesn’t start her day with coffee but with a yoga stretch.

Emilie van Spronsen User Experience Designer

Emilie is our prodigy for great digital services. Why? Due to her background in Interaction Design, unlimited curiosity, and passion for graphic design! Her graphic talent hasn’t gone unnoticed; she presented her work at the Dutch Design Week and was recently asked to design her own postal stamp.

Kaspar Kazil Service Designer

Kaspar is an experienced CX innovation expert who’s always hungry for the next adventure. His favourite projects involve cutting-edge technology, business design, and customer-centric transformation. Besides exploring big ideas, Kaspar loves surfing, climbing, and improvising electronic music dressed in a tiger onesie.

Serena Westra Service Designer

Serena combines service design with experiment design to improve experiences for everyone, making sure they are inclusive and innovative and make an actual impact. She loves storytelling and facilitation, so public speaking is a must! Serena can be found on the stage of international conferences or in the ocean, rocking her surfboard.

Boris Jockin Service Designer

Boris has the sharp view and quick thinking of an eagle. He extracts new insights from complex problems within seconds! Besides that, Boris loves having an audience. Whether he’s facilitating a Service Design Masterclass or performing as DJ, he shines.

Nathalie Meuleman Service Designer

Natalie is a master at capturing the essence of any problem and loves translating this into solid strategy, bringing different perspectives together. There’s no complex challenge she can’t navigate through due to her strategic thinking. Know of a book club? Natalie is in love with reading and is looking for one!

Kasper van der Knaap Partner

Kasper is constantly looking for new ways to connect people and cultures. He nails it with an open mind and warm approach, helped by his creative design methods and strategic way of working. The truth is that deep inside, Kasper is a real Brazilian!


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Noortje Hartman Senior

Noortje gets thrilled with enthusiasm from thinking about strategy and branding. With her down-to-earth attitude, she always manages to keep the overview in times of creative chaos, unless it’s the chaos in her wardrobe because that is way too small for her gigantic sneakercollection.

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Paula Peereboom Office Manager

Paula is like the mum of the Koos family. As office manager, she takes care of all Koosjes and runs the house so that others can focus on their creative input. Besides this, Paula works out almost every day! “I almost worked out on Monday, almost on Tuesday…”.

Justin Burford User Experience Designer

Justin is a result-oriented designer seeking to connect brands, people, and businesses. Together with clients, he creates strategic proposals and designs digital products to solve big customer problems and drive business success. Ask him about his favourite hip-hop jams or the best chicken & waffles in town, and you won’t regret it!

Erik van Zoelen User Experience Designer

Erik loves to design digital products that allow him to be amazed by people and dive into new topics. He gets as much energy out of developing a product until the last pixel as interviewing people at the kitchen table. Erik came to the realisation he spends way too much money on vinyl records but it’s stronger than him.

Lizza Kempe User Experience Designer

Lizza is a strong believer in the change-maker role design holds. She focuses on inclusivity, making sure everyone feels welcomed at the party of her designs! She does this with a positive and ‘going the extra mile’ attitude. When not saving the world, Lizza glides on her longboard, following the flow of swimming or dancing.

Joris Hens Service Designer

Joris is a venturous service designer with a passion for innovation. With a background as product owner and strategic design, he challenges the status quo with his curiosity. Joris loves going on out-of-the-ordinary adventures and enjoys doing his meetings from a beach club so he can jump in his surfboard after.

Saskia Mosterman User Experience Designer

Saskia likes to integrate user needs into experiences that blow minds, making the experience for both the user and the developer a true delight. Her superpower is to translate service design insights into tangible solutions. Whether it’s about digital products or real-world stuff, she likes to give shape to new ideas.

Lisa te Velde Service Designer

Lisa believes in the power of research, but what she really enjoys doing is experimenting with new business ideas. She has an eye for making complex problems snackable to guide the client through the somewhat chaotic design process. Before being a designer, Lisa dreamed about solving mysteries, and so, she’s a fan of crime series.

Katie Hoek
Astrid ten Bosch Service Designer

Astrid is a true visual thinking enthusiast – if she is not researching, you will probably find her applying her drawing skills as one of our visual thinkers’ heroes! She loves to combine it with Service Design to simplify complexity and communicate better. As creativity is never enough, Astrid started her own ‘knutselclub’.

Chris Lueb User Experience Designer

Chris is driven by questions like “How might we solve the isms in life?”. Making a real, positive impact by tackling complex societal challenges, thinking of sexism, racism, etc., is essential for her as a designer. While helping clients to bring their ideas to life, Chris also empathises with people by teaching yoga!

Emma Schalkers Service Designer

Emma has a special fondness for healthcare and sustainability projects. With an empathetic heart and strategic mindset, she uses her skills to make the world better. In this quest, she created the Positive Impact Framework and started taking philosophy classes. Do you want to exchange views on changing the world? Emma is your girl!

Oda Landsman Service Designer

Oda likes to be the expert in the design process but enables clients to be experts in their field. She does it by surprising them with the power design holds while she dives into the different contexts (new clients or industries). As a sucker for sports, Oda collects them – hockey, sailing, Koos HIT training, snowboarding, and trying to windsurf.

Jette Stuyt Service Designer

Jette is always motivated to realize the big ideas in her head. She loves it when a plan comes together. Beauty can be found in everything, whether it’s a designer chair or a potato masher. Jette is just like the user behaviour she observes: There’s always more than meets the eye!

Michaël Vijfvinkel Service Designer

Michaël loves a challenge – this becomes evident from his cooking adventures as well as his projects. He lives by his favorite expression “simplicity is a puzzle of complexity”, by finding the common thread and bringing structure. Moreover, he’s the real Captain Planet at Koos, ensuring we keep an eye on our social and ecological responsibility.

Ruben Aalbers Business Development

Ruben is Koos’ real Bourgondiër with a knick for sales. He focuses on improving both employee and customer experience because there’s not one without the other! His ‘Go all in’ mentality reflects in his passion for soccer, good food, and Friday night drinks!

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Stijn Nering Bögel User Experience Designer

Stijn and his energy never go unnoticed – with his laugh, he can elevate the spirit in any room! Between sports classes, coffee breaks, and caring for the office plants, you can find him deeply concentrated in his design files. Stijn loves diving into design trends and creating a good mix between customer, brand, and great design.

Laura van Overhagen Service Designer

Laura likes to describe her way of working as a merge of service design and sailing, her two passions. Goal-oriented, she spots a dot on the horizon and sets the direction to go! When she finds obstacles along the process, she’s flexible to adjust. Laura believes the balance stands between being a go-getter & open-minded.

Rosanne Heijligers Service Designer

Rosanne constantly challenges herself because there’s always room for improvement! She believes in tension building to thrive, spot opportunities, create new ideas and combine data and qualitative insights to make sound business decisions. In her free time, Rosanne is passionate about taking care of stray cats & dogs at a foundation.

Nadia Roeleveld User Experience Designer

Nadia is a sucker for out-of-the-box, creative thinking, especially if it turns out to be products/ services that positively impact society! She is also very interested in combining UX with psychology and human behaviour because she believes in holistic learning. From singing to writing a book, Nadia just loves art and caring for people.

Laura Schrauwen Service Designer

Laura aims to improve people’s lives, making them happier, healthier, and socially engaged in their environment. Being close to the users and involving them in the process is key for her, especially in healthcare-related projects! Besides abusing her beloved drawing tablet to express herself, Laura enjoys horseriding at the beach.

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