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The team

Vasco Alves Service Designer

Vasco is enthusiastic about combining business and engineering with service design to see how real needs turn into actual outcomes and processes. Although analytical, he enjoys the value that openness and creativity bring. Former ballet dancer and a sports fan, you can find him listening to the most random music, from classical to techno.

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Inês Ramalhão Service Designer

Inês believes design is the tool that drives change, by bringing people together. She is enthusiastic about designing for people, with people to impact lives in meaningful ways.

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Luiz Botega
Jeroen Otte Berlin Managing Director

Jeroen is a Design engineer-turned-service designer-turned-managing director. Europe is his country, and rugby is his culture. Here to help you solve your customer-related challenges.

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Frances den Ouden Service Designer

Frances creates the space to question the ordinary, understand differences between people and translate them to produce positive impact. As an anthropologist, she loves to dive into the organisational culture of clients to understand the way they behave. Unlike most Koosjes, Frances doesn’t start her day with coffee but with a yoga stretch.

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Laura van Overhagen Service Designer

Laura likes to describe her way of working as a merge of service design and sailing, her two passions. Goal-oriented, she spots a dot on the horizon and sets the direction to go! When she finds obstacles along the process, she’s flexible to adjust. Laura believes the balance stands between being a go-getter & open-minded.

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Laura Schrauwen Service Designer

Laura aims to improve people’s lives, making them happier, healthier, and socially engaged in their environment. Being close to the users and involving them in the process is vital for her, especially in healthcare-related projects! Besides abusing her beloved drawing tablet to express herself, Laura enjoys horseriding at the beach.

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Mirjam Lamark HR Strategist

Mirjam finds helping people be more aware of their feelings in all sorts of dynamics (1 on 1, in teams, with colleagues, clients, etc.) and how to address those feelings genuinely satisfying. Co-creating and co-executing preventive strategies for an engaged and productive staff are fundamental to her HR work.

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Matilde Cantinho Digital Content Producer

Matilde wants to make sure she contributes to the world’s healing, so having the chance to share the transformational power design holds is very fulfilling. Writing is like therapy for her. She can be as creative as possible and make anything sound exciting. A newbie in Amsterdam, Matilde is always looking for a new adventure!

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Nadia Roeleveld User Experience Designer

Nadia is a sucker for out-of-the-box, creative thinking, especially if it turns out to be products/ services that positively impact society! She is also very interested in combining UX with psychology and human behaviour because she believes in holistic learning. From singing to writing a book, Nadia just loves art and caring for people.

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Rosanne Heijligers Service Designer

Rosanne constantly challenges herself because there’s always room for improvement! She believes in tension building to thrive, spot opportunities, create new ideas and combine data and qualitative insights to make sound business decisions. In her free time, Rosanne is passionate about taking care of stray cats & dogs at a foundation.

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Angelo Verbeek User Experience Designer

Angelo is fascinated by any form of expression, especially when it comes to art! As a designer, he takes it as inspiration while emphasising with people and their needs, to create meaningful experiences that will enrich their lives.

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